Ambulatory data analysis

We conduct studies about the physical activity or behavior of people in everyday situations by means of of body-worn sensors. We address all or part of the study phases:
  • Sensor selection
  • Data capture protocol design
  • Data collection
  • Signal processing
  • Interpretation of data:
    • Techniques of data analysis (estimation and classification)
    • Application of known biomechanical or other models
  • Presentation of results in the required format.
We guarantee compliance with the LOPD and the Declaration of Helsinki.

Representativ projects:

Ad-hoc systems

We design and implement ad-hoc systems based on body-worn sensors for the analysis, signal processing, interpretation and presentation, of physical activity or behavior of people in specific situations or applications, under the premises of:
  • Robustness
  • Reliability
  • Ease of use by non-specialized users
If required, we design the system to be integrated into other higher-level systems (positioning systems, ergonomics and rehabilitation, human-machine interaction, etc.).

Representative Products: